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Cover letter in English

We all had to apply for a job at least once in our life. Usually as recent graduates. Many University graduates make one mistake. Without significant work experience, the applicants direct all the focus on the resume not giving enough attention to the cover letter. Often times your potential employer will first look at the cover letter and only then will decide whether to open the resume.

The advantage of the cover letter is that it allows you to tell about your strongest professional areas making sure that your potential employer notices them before opening the resume.

Finally, you need to make sure that your cover letter has no mistakes. Remember to read it at least twice before you hit the Send button.

Here is a sample cover letter that can make you stand out among other applicants:

Dear {{name}},

I hope you are well. My name is Maria and I am a recent Journalism graduate writing to apply for the {{position}} with {{company name}}.

Currently, I am a Content Writer for {{company name}}. I am responsible for all content for a variety of clients in many industries, taking often technical and jargon-specific subject matter and translating it into a more accessible, wide-reaching format on websites, social media, and blogs. I also write articles for the {{company name}} blog, as well as maintain the Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn presences of the brand.

At {{university name}}, I developed writing, editing, creative, editorial, and interviewing skills producing content on various topics and for different audiences in print and online platforms. I also attribute my attention to detail and strong command of the English language to a minor in Linguistics and a major in French.

During my studies, I was fortunate to complete an internship at {{company name}}.

Throughout the internship, I managed many projects, lead a team of contributing writers, subedited articles to adhere to our style guide and formatted the website using Wordpress. I also helped market many of our series and negotiated partnerships with stakeholders in the community.

I’m excited to be applying for this position and believe my relevant experience along with my diverse skill set would make this opportunity an excellent avenue into working for {{company name}}.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,