Lingviny / How to double your AirBnB Income

How to double your AirBnB Income

Airbnb has taken the world by storm, providing cheaper alternatives to staying in hotels when visiting cities around the world. Over 57,000 cities include at least one airbnb listing and the city with the most, Paris, has over 45,000 active rental properties. While profit potential is huge for hosts, we caught up with Mary, who has multiple rental properties in Paris, who explains some key difficulties she faces when trying to deal with correspondence from international clients.

“It’s incredibly difficult trying to liaise with international customers who only correspond in their own language, I definitely lose out on a lot of customers due to this.” 

Mary explained that the majority of clients she hosts speak her native tongue and she definitely has a point about the loss of revenue because of this language barrier. Most Airbnb hosts do not realise that by making their page available in other languages it boosts their client base exponentially; 72.1% of consumers spend most if not all of their time in their own language with 72.4% saying that they would be more likely to buy a product from a site that was in their own language and 56.2% of consumers said that the ability to retain information in their own language is more important than price. 

But Mary found a way around this problem with Lingviny. Lingviny is a translation service which solves the language barrier problem for people all around the world by helping clients write emails with the help of professional translators. They translate emails into the desired language with 100% accuracy before it reaches the recipient. Lingviny has over 1,000 translators in various time zones accommodating multiple languages including Russian, Spanish and Mandarin. 

“Lingviny is superb! It’s really different to generic translation apps because actual people translate your emails for you before they are sent - and they are translated almost in real time which makes a huge difference. It’s like magic!”

Mary complained that prior translating programmes she had used were too mechanic and often left words or phrases untranslated which ultimately damaged the relationship between herself and her clients as communication broke down. But because Lingviny wasn’t an automated translation service she has been able to agree all terms and instructions with clients before their arrival and all in their native language.

“It is still a challenge when we eventually meet face to face but because of the prior rapport over email it can be quite amusing for both parties and creates a friendly vibe that transcends language barriers.

Thanks to Lingviny, Mary has now translated her Airbnb page into 5 different languages and her webpage traffic has skyrocketed thanks to Lingviny translating incoming emails into Mary’s native language before sending to her. And this language problem is not just unique to Mary, online forums are littered with complaints and requests for a decent translation service to attract the most business. One forum user explains how she once got an email in Taiwanese which was just symbols and had to turn them down. This was problematic not just because of the loss of revenue but because of the lack of understanding in their requirements as there was no way to ensure they knew where they were trying to book as the user lived in an isolated rural location which had a population that was less than friendly to ‘foreigners.’ 

High quality and professional translations services like Lingviny are important not just for gaining access to a greater pool of clients, but it ensures the safety of guests upon initial point of enquiry by allowing important information to be conveyed. 

“I wouldn’t use Airbnb to reach out to international customers before I used Lingviny but now with the confidence of the professional service they provide, I wouldn’t go back, well I couldn’t, I’d lose so many of my customers!”

Lingviny is currently available as a Google chrome extension which attaches to your current Google mail account and is available to access at with Android and Iphone apps coming soon!