Lingviny / Lingviny helps a BMW client

Lingviny helps a BMW client

Recently we helped Eduard, a BMW owner from Russia to solve a technical problem with his brand new car. How? He was able to talk directly to the BMW Headquarters in Germany via Lingviny. Here is the story.

Often times dealing with local dealerships of international auto manufacturers can be a pain. Regardless of whether it is a luxury car or not. It is not always easy for a car owner to contact the head office to solve a problem due to a language barrier. Eduard bought a new BMW. However, two weeks later the on-board computer indicated problems with the subframe.

Eduard went to the local BMW dealership and fixed the issue. To be more precise the on-board computer just stopped indicating the problem. To Eduard’s disappointment a week later the on-board computer started indicating the same issue and he had to go to the dealership again. At the dealership, he was told that they did not know what was causing the problem and that they contacted the BMW headquarters. Eduard was worried:

“Can you imagine how I felt when this happened? I was worried about the cost of the car, the problem with the subframe and the fact that I loved the brand. I decided to contact the BMW headquarters service in Germany myself. I found the website and the contact details of the customer service department. But then I thought how would I write – I do not speak German.”

Eduard discovered Lingviny and used our service to email the BMW customer service in Germany.

“I was happy to find Lingviny. The main advantage for me was not only the quick and accurate translation but also the fact that it felt like I was writing in German myself because the email was sent from my address.”

The answer from Germany came very quickly. The problem was fixed fast right after the headquarters sent the email with step by step instructions to the dealership.