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Motivation letter in english

A motivation letter or a personal statement is one of the most important documents when you are applying to a University abroad. Writing a personal statement takes time and serious preparation but the good news is that your efforts will pay off.

Your personal statement is the first thing that the admissions department will look at when they review your application. And this makes a lot of sense – even the most outstanding resume will not reflect your personal traits. Moreover the admissions department often puts less emphasis on the relevance of your previous experiences because often times students with diverse backgrounds learn from each other. What’s more important is the motivation that brought you to this particular University and the reasons behind the choice of your major. These are the points that need to be covered in the personal statement.

It is important to make your personal statement not only impeccable in terms of grammar, but also to make it stand out by being reasonably emotional. The trick is to be able to ask the right question and be able to answer them. Some of those questions could include your achievements, aspirations and the reasons you chose this Institution and the major.

Below we are providing an example of a good personal statement in English. Please, keep in mind that this is just a reference which you should not be copying and pasting into your own letter. Each University has its own requirements for a personal statement. Most Universities list those requirements on their websites and you should take them into account. More importantly, your personal statement is about your own unique background and experience. For example, talk about where you see yourself in a few years after graduation – an applicant with specific goals will always get more points.

It is important to note, that a personal statement is worth every hour spent – because getting accepted to a University of your dreams or even getting a scholarship is among other things a feeling that cannot be compared to anything else.

500-word Template

In our modern, globalized society, entering the business world is an exciting and appealing prospect, but to be successful, it is essential to first have a strong foundation in many areas of discipline. I have applied to the Schroeder School of Business at University of Evansville specifically because of its comprehensive approach to business education. As one of the top-ranked small universities in the country, it offers more focused instruction by professors, smaller class sizes, and a more customizable specialization based on my future aspirations. 

The quality of the faculty and its reputation as an excellent school for international students also made my choice of Schroeder School of Business an easy one. Because I am eager to enter the job market as soon as possible, the 98% hiring rate for graduates is extremely attractive. My work ethic has been consistently complimented by my teachers over the years, and while the curriculum of this business program is demanding, I am confident that I can rise to the challenge. I am highly proficient in mathematics, which has led to my interest in accounting. The accounting course offerings at Schroeder are extensive, and I am particularly eager for the International Accounting course as well as the Internship in Accounting so that I can develop my practical skills in a business setting. 

I was fortunate to earn an internship at an accounting firm in 2017, which gave me an intimate look at the inner workings of business from the accounting side of things. I was responsible for a number of financial reporting and accounting tasks, including communicating with clients and making presentations to my managers. My fluency in both Spanish and Portuguese was seen as an asset, and this experience helped me improve my communication skills even further—an important competency in the global world of business. 

In high school, I was also the Business Club president, which exposed me to a number of the responsibilities of a business leader. I knew that a position in the business world lay ahead of me, and I relished the opportunity to share ideas and advance business knowledge among my peers. This also helped me shape my long-term goal of working in the Finance division of a Fortune 500 company. With a natural mind for numbers and a passion for detail, this seems like an obvious ambition, and the prestigious reputation of University of Evansville fits perfectly with my goals. 

The Schroeder School of Business is known for attracting leaders of the business world as guest lecturers, speakers, and professors, and I am excited about the opportunity to study under those who have already made their mark on the world of commerce. I look forward to solidifying my foundation of business knowledge, working with other passionate peers, and contributing to the proud tradition of this university. I know that with a degree from University of Evansville, I will be able to pursue my long-term goals with the confidence and competence required for my ultimate success.